Morphology drills

Decline nouns Decline
adjectives and pronouns
nouns and adjectives together
3rd decl. nouns:
find the nominative
Verb conjugation:
active forms
Verb conjugation:
passive forms
Verb conjugation:
from perfect to present

I developed these exercises to help students memorize declensions and conjugations. This is not a difficult task, but since it requires some perseverance and memory, a computer can certainly help. Just a few introductory words:

  • If you cannot access the exercises, you probably need to enable JavaScript in your browser. If you do not know how to do that, check this page.
  • Some of the exercises include exceptions, but only as a learning aid and you do not need to know them beforehand: for example, if you try to decline lacus, the program will suggest that the dat./abl. pl. is lacubus.
  • By default, the exercises are based on a small vocabulary of around 120 nouns, 90 adjectives/pronouns, 40 verbs. Those are the most common Latin words, and it is very useful to learn their meaning as well as their morphology. If you wish, you can also select specific nouns, adjectives or verbs from a larger list of more than 1,000 slightly less common but still frequently used words.
  • For the sake of simplicity, I did not use macrons and breves. However, audio files are available in most cases, for you to listen to the correct pronunciation of noun and verb forms.
  • The exercises were originally designed for University students doing a Latin-101 course, but high school students might find them helpful as well.
  • I am well aware that this kind of exercises is mainly useful in the context of a rather traditional style of Latin teaching; if you are teaching/learning Latin as a spoken language, you will probably need to look elsewhere.

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