Work in progress

In writing:

  • Fabula Graecanica. Apuleius and the Challenges of a Greek Genre, in B. Dufallo, R. Faber (eds.), Comparing Roman Hellenisms.
  • Ut mireris. Micro-surprises in Apuleius’ MetamorphosesFIEC 2019, London, July 4-8.

In print:

  • Testo e immagine. Approcci alle Metamorfosi di Apuleio, “Latina Didaxis” 34.
  • Music and the Poetics of Latin Narrative, in A. Vannini, F. Buè, Sonus in Metaphora.
  • Testualità, visualità e parenesi nelle Metamorfosi di Apuleio, proceedings of the Workshop on “Letteratura e intervisualità tra Grecia e Roma / Literature and Intervisuality in Greece and Rome“.
  • Crying for Patroclus. Achilles Tatius and Homer’s Iliad, Proceedings of the IV International Conference on the Ancient Novel (Lisbon, July 2008).


  • Full commentary on Apuleius’ Metamorphoses, with Sandro Barchiesi, for the publisher Valla-Mondadori.

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