1. Laberius, fr. 50a Panayotakis (90-97 Bonaria; Gellius X 17, 1-3)


Democritus Abderites physicus philosophus
clipeum constituit contra exortum Hyperionis,
oculos effodere ut posset splendore aereo.
Ita radiis solis aciem effodit luminis,
malis bene esse ne videret civibus.                                 5
sic ego fulgentis splendorem pecuniae
volo elucificare exitum aetatis meae,
ne in re bona videam esse nequam filium.

Democritus, the natural scientist of Abdera,
positioned a shield to face the rising of Hyperion,
so that, by the splendid sheen of brass, he could poke his eyes out.
Thus by the sun’s rays he destroyed his vision,
not wishing to see the good fortune of bad citizens.
Likewise, I want the sheen of my gleaming gold
to deprive of light my last days,
so that I may not see my worthless son’s good fortune.

(Trans. Panayotakis 2009)