2. Cicero, Orat. 168


Ergo et hi numeri sint cogniti et genus illud tertium explicetur quale sit, numerosae et aptae orationis. quod qui non sentiunt, quas auris habeant aut quid in his hominis simile sit nescio. meae quidem et perfecto completoque verborum ambitu gaudent et curta sentiunt nec amant redundantia. quid dico meas? contiones saepe exclamare vidi, cum apte verba cecidissent.

We must now proceed to the third thing proposed,—that numerous and well-adjusted style; of the beauty of which, if any are so insensible as not to feel it, I cannot imagine what kind of ears they have, or what resemblance of a human Being! For my part, my ears are always fond of a complete and full-measured flow of words, and perceive in an instant what is either defective or redundant. But wherefore do I say mine? I have frequently seen a whole assembly burst into raptures of applause at a happy period.

(trans. E. Jones)