2. ILS 8393 (Laudatio Turiae)


Text & translation: Wistrand 1976

Acerbissumum tamen in vi[ta] mihi accidisse tua vice fatebo[r reddito me jam] cive patriae beneficio et i[ud]icio apsentis Caesaris Augusti, [quom per te] de restitutione mea M. L[epi]dus conlega praesens interp[ellaretur et ad eius] pedes prostrata humi [n]on modo non adlevata sed tra[cta et servilem in] modum rapsata, livori[ibus c]orporis repleta, firmissimo [animo eum admone]res edicti Caesaris cum g[r]atulatione restitutionis me[ae auditisque verbis eti]am contumeliosis et cr[ud]elibus exceptis volneribus pa[lam ea praeferres] ut auctor meorum peric[ul]orum notesceret. Quoi no[cuit mox ea res].

Quid hac virtute efficaciu[s], praebere Caesari clementia[e locum et cum cu]stodia spiritus mei not[a]re inportunam crudelitatem [Lepidi egregia tua] patientia?

Sed quid plura? Parcamu[s] orationi, quae debet et potest e[sse brevis, ne maxi]ma opera tractando pa[r]um digne peragamus, quom pr[o magnitudine erga me] meritorum tuorum oc[ulis] omnium praeferam titulum [vitae servatae.]

But I must say that the bitterest thing that happened to me in my life befell me through what happened to you. When, thanks to the kindness and judgement of the absent Caesar Augustus, I had been restored to my country as a citizen, thanks to you, Marcus Lepidus, his colleague, who was present, was confronted with a request concerning my recall, and you, prostrate on the ground at his feet, were not only not raised up, but were carried away and dragged off as are slaves. Covered as you were with bruises, yet your spirit was unbroken and you reminded him of Caesar’s edict with its compliments upon my reinstatement and though you listened to insulting words and suffered cruel wounds, you pronounced the words of the edict in a loud voice, so that it should be known who was the cause of my perils. This matter was soon to prove harmful for him.

What could have been more effective than the virtue you showed? You gave Caesar the chance to show clemency and both to save my life and by your admirable endurance to show up Lepidus’ insolent cruelty.

But why go on? Let me cut short my speech. My words should and can be brief, lest by dwelling on your great deeds I treat them unworthily. In gratitude for your great services towards me let me display before the eyes of all men my public acknowledgement that you saved my life.