4. Passio SS. Quattuor Coronatorum 22


Text & translation from Renberg 2006

Veniens vero Diocletianus ex Sirmis post menses undecim, ingressus est Romam. Et statim iussit in termas Traianas templum Asclepii aedificari et simulacrum fieri ex lapide proconisso [sc. proconnesio]. Quod cum factum fuisset praecepit omnes curas in eodem templo in praegomas [sc. praeconias] aeneas cum caracteribus infigi, et iussit ut omnes militiae venientes ad simulacrum Asclepii sacrificiis et ad turificandum compellerentur, maxime urbanae praefecturae milites.

Diocletian, coming from Sirmium after eleven months, entered Rome and immediately ordered that the temple of Asclepius in the Baths of Trajan be restored and a statue be made from Proconessian marble. And when this had been done, he instructed that all the cures achieved in this very temple be inscribed publicly in bronze and posted, and he ordered that all of the services, especially the soldiers of the urban prefecture, be compelled to approach the statue of Asclepius with sacrifices and to offer incense.