2. ILS 5795 (Nonius Datus)


Text & translation: Horsfall 2003

…Profectus sum et inter vias latrones sum passus; nudus saucius evasi cum meis; Saldas veni; Clementem procuratorem conveni. Ad montem me perduxit; ube cuniculum dubii operis flebant, quasi relinquendus habebatur, ideo quod perforatio operis cuniculi longior erat effect., quam montis spatium. Apparuit fossuras a rigorem errasse, adeo ut superior fossura dextram petit ad meridiem versus, inferior similiter dextram suam petit at septentrionem: duae ergo partes relicto rigore errabant. Rigor autem depalatus erat supra montem ab orientem in occidentem. Ne quis tamen legenti error fiat de fossuris, quot est scriptum ‘superior’ et ‘inferior’, sic intellegamus: ‘superior’ est pars, qua cuniculus aquam recipit, inferior qua emittit…

I departed and on the way suffered bandits; stripped and wounded I got away with my team/escort (?). I reached Saldae. I met Varius Clemens. He took me to the mountain, where they were crying over a tunnel of doubtful workmanship which they thought had to be abandoned because the penetration of the excavation work had been carried further than the width of the mountain. It was apparent that the excavations had strayed, so that the upstream work turned right (to S.) and the downstream work to its right, to N. So the two ends had lost their line and gone astray. The line had been staked out over the mountain from E. to W. So the reader shall not be mistaken about the tunnelling, ‘upper’ indicates where the tunnel receives the water, ‘lower’ where it emits.